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Refund Policy

Ishoppharmacy.com is all about high quality products. We firmly believe in that health is highly important for everyone. Reasonable prices of our products further strengthen our thinking. By choice we have kept the prices low so that everyone can afford drugs and build their health. Customer satisfaction is our main policy. Keeping the same in mind we have framed a refund policy. Go through it below before making a purchase.

Ishoppharmacy.com reships the order free of charge or refund the entire sum if a customer does not receive the order on specified time. Prior to that we will investigate the entire matter and if a mistake is from our side our refund policy will come into effect.

Ishoppharmacy.com provides reshipment or refund the money if order is received in damaged form by a customer. After investigation if it is proved we have sent off damaged product a customer can ask for either reshipment or refund.

If wrong product is delivered due to a mistake from our side Ishoppharmacy.com reships the correct product free of cost. A customer can also ask for refund.

If mistakenly Ishoppharmacy.com delivers product at wrong address, its refund policy will come into effect, otherwise not. If found a customer has provided wrong shipping address, no refund or reshipment will be done.

For initiating a refund customer has to provide ORDER CONFIRMATION NUMBER.

NOTE : Once the Products are delivered, they can not be returned after 30 Days and refund is initiated only if Ishoppharmacy.com recieves RETURN MERCHANDISE NUMBER from the Customer. Customers are entitled for reshipment of their order within 7 Days from the date of delivery.

Ishoppharmacy.com will honor refunds only if the shipping Department recieves the product.

Medications once shipped can not be returned back until and unless customer faces a genuine issue with the product.

Once refunds are made, it will take 10-15 days for same to appear on Credit Card Holder's Account.