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Apcalis Jelly

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Apcalis Jelly is the most popular and genuine medication for treating male impotency. Contrary to Apcalis tablets, in Apcalis Jelly its basic element i.e. Tadalafil is present in gel form inside it. Apcalis Jelly is an improved version. Consumption of this medication is good enough to be done just 20 minutes prior the sexual activity. The drug does not take much time. Apcalis Jelly is an effective ED solution with amazing ability to remain in effect for 24 to 36 hours. The other name by which the drug called is 'weekend pill'. Purchase Apcalis Jelly Online and bath in sexual pleasure.

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Dosage of Apcalis Oral Jelly

The consumption of the drug Apcalis Jelly should necessarily be done under medial consultation only. This medication is completely safe but become harmful if taken on certain health problems. Doctors examine a man fully and then prescribe the drug. Always take the prescribed dose and be on a safer side. If think the prescribed dose needs a change go to your doctor and ask for the same. Do not opt for making self changes. It is like playing with health.

Apcalis Oral Jelly is not a tablet drug. This gel medication comes in sachets of various strengths. At one time only one sachet should be taken. Apcalis Jelly does not need to be ingested with water, rather can be taken directly. Another sachet should be taken after 30 hours of consumption of the first one. Take the sachet 20 minutes before the sexual intercourse. Do not exceed the dose as health can greatly come at risk.

Side Effects of Apcalis Jelly

Experiencing side effects with Apcalis Jelly is also one of its parts. Although, side effects with Apcalis Jelly rarely occur, but to be aware about them is always good. Till now very few such cases have been registered, so do not be afraid. Just keep taking the drug in a right manner and everything will go fine.

There is few common side effects of the drug usually occur. These side effects are harmless by nature. Moreover, as they come on own; in the same manner also go away by them. Do not discontinue the treatment. These side effects only require treatment if do not go away for long time. Common side effects of Apcalis Oral Jelly are headache, reddening of face, diarrhea, upset stomach, runny nose, blurred vision, color blindness, light sensitivity, muscle pain, back pain, etc. Apcalis Jelly has few serious side effects too that harm health immensely. They require medical aid at once. Serious side effects are- heart problems, strokes, chest pain, breathlessness, prolong erection, and allergic reactions like itching, rashes etc.

Storage information on Apcalis 200mg Gel

Taking care of Apcalis Jelly by storing it in a right place and condition is very important. Storage requirements of the medication are somewhat like this. The recommended storage temperature for Apcalis Jelly is 15 to 30 degree Celsius. Going beyond these temperatures is harmful for the drug. So stick to this temperature range only while storing the drug. The sachets should always be stored in an air tight box. Take the sachet out only when needed. The box should be kept in cool and dry place. Make sure you have kept the drug far away from the reach of children. Never expose the drug to heat, light and moisture. They put a blow on drug's potentiality. Storing the drug in kitchen and bathroom should also be avoided. Dust and dirt react with Apcalis Jelly immediately; hence the surrounding place of the drug should be clean. At last, dispose the outdated drug.

Precautions to buy apcalis jelly online

Precautions are safety information should be kept in mind while taking Apcalis Jelly. Before taking Apcalis Jelly it is necessary to see a doctor. Utilization of the drug without prescription can be dangerous for health. Other than that, Apcalis Jelly should be avoided if taking nitrates. Nitrates react with the drug at once and hamper health. Similarly, alcohol, grapefruit and its juice are also not good to be taken with the drug as they tend to cause side effects. Apcalis Jelly causes dizziness on taking. On account of that driving vehicles and operating machinery should be avoided. Heavy fat meals reduces drug effectivity time period, thus do not take it before taking the medication. Light food can be taken rather. The drug Apcalis Jelly is only for treating impotency. Do not consider it protection against STD's. Lastly, elderly men are especially advised to take this drug after proper health examination only.

Benefits of using Apcalis Jelly Online

Apcalis Jelly is a fabulous ED treatment drug. This medication provides much ease to the ED patient and effectively treats their ED problem. The main discerning quality of Apcalis Jelly is its long lasting effect. Due to which it is also known as 'The Weekender '. The drug has a lasting effect of 24 to 36 hours. Apcalis Jelly is easy to take. Rather than swallowing like a pill, the sachet of Apcalis Jelly can be directly taken through mouth. It immediately dissolves in the mouth and reaches the bloodstream. The drug does not make men wait for long to get erection. It provides erection in as soon as 20 minutes. Quick results providing quality of the drug pleases men very much and they get attracted more towards the drug. Apcalis Jelly has successfully revived sexual lives of many men. This medication is really effective treatment.