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Suhagra is much popular impotence medication and needs no introduction. This magic pill is a generic Viagra and works like it in all ways. Suhagra treats erectile dysfunction with such effectiveness that no trace of it can be found on men. It is taken orally with water like other tablets. Total time it takes for treating ED is 40 to 50 minutes. The basic element of Suhagra called Sildenafil Citrate has quality of lasting for 4 to 6 hours. The drug can be enjoyed taking daily but in a gap of 24 hours certainly. Suhagra can be conveniently purchased from online stores at very affordable prices.

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Dosage information on Suhagra tablets

It is very important to understand dosing rules of Suhagra, so that you can truly enjoy your sexual life after taking it. It is also good for sorting out health problems. The drug is available in three different strengths. For taking the right one it is must to consult a doctor. So according to the primary rule always take Suhagra on medical recommendation only. Initially when a person starts taking this medication doctor prescribe him 50mg Suhagra. If no desired effects are experienced after taking the medication, then discontinue the medication and consult your physician again about the same.

Consumption of Suhagra should be done only once in a day. A gap of 24 hours must be maintained between the two doses intake. It avoids side effects. Do not crush or break the pill. Ingest it wholly with water. Do not take the drug in overdose.

Side Effects of Suhagra Generic Viagra

Suhagra is much efficient drug. Its genuineness is 100%. But still it has a list of few side effects. Though possibility of occurring them is very less but it is very important to have knowledge about them. Some common side effects of Suhagra occur only in starting time and when body becomes used to the drug never come back again. They are headache, dizziness, stomach upset, diarrhea, nausea, facial flushing etc. These side effects are short lived and disappear after few hours. A doctor should be seen if they cease to exist for a long time.

Suhagra has serious or say life threatening symptoms too but very rarely take place. When the drug turns severe it can cause heart attack, strokes, pain in the chest, penis problems, allergic reactions like rashes, itching, etc. Do not let them grow. As come across any sign of any of these side effects, instantly run to your physician and seek medical aid.

How store purchased Suhagra tablets?

When it is about storage of Suhagra special care should be taken. Improper storage botches up the drug and diminishes its lifespan. For keeping Suhagra well off store it in a place free of moisture. Even avoid it from storing in kitchen and bathroom too. Also do not expose it to heat and light. If exposed, drug loses it efficiency and on taking can create problems for health. The drug is extremely safe in an air tight container as no air can react with the drug in it. Suhagra tablets should always be kept in air tight container or box only. Keep the container in a secure and clean place away from children and women. The room in which Suhagra is stored should have normal temperature of around 15 to 30 degree Celsius. Storing also includes dumping of the drug on expiration. It is important to store Suhagra properly for deriving best results out of the drug.

Precautions to purchase Suhagra Online

Suhagra precautions should be strictly followed just like its dosing tips. Precautions give safety of the treatment and assure that your health will be safe throughout the treatment. Major precautionary tip is, do not take nitrate based products with the drug. Health can be extremely affected by taking this step. Suhagra causes slight dizziness and if taken alcohol with it dizziness may become severe, thus suggested avoid alcohol with the drug. Grapefruit and even its juice are also asked to avoid with the drug.

Suhagra should not be started taking without healthcare provider advice. On his recommendation only take the drug. Men suffer from allergic reactions, due to being allergic to Sildenafil Citrate, are advised to avoid taking Suhagra. Take Suhagra pills empty stomach for quick results. Heavy fat diet should be avoided altogether. Avoid machine operations for sometime after taking the drug. Take immediate medical aid if any adverse effect occurs.

Benefits of buying suhagra at Ishoppharmacy.com

Suhagra is highly beneficial in many ways. Its foremost pleasurable benefit is it has ability of treating impotence quickly. People do not have to go through pains; long wait etc. with this drug. The drug takes responsibility of treating erectile dysfunction in all age people. It does not belong to any particular age men. Virility is most impotent to men and Suhagra promises to intact it at every cost. The low price of Suhagra is also a great benefit for impotent men. Particularly men who cannot afford pricey drugs are much in benefit. Moreover, the drug also works over them like brand Viagra so people are in double benefit with having Suhagra. Reaching the drug is also easy. Browse internet and from your favorite online pharmacy get Suhagra. This ED generic drug is easily available online.