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Penegra is one of best anti impotence solutions having high reputation in the market. Male impotence is ego wrenching sexual syndrome and shatters men world into pieces. But Penegra works best upon the problem and treats ED within 45 minutes of consumption. Penegra is a tablet drug, so needed to be swallowed with water. This FDA approved drug has Sildenafil citrate as the main element in it. Erode penile apprehensions with this drug and make a start of new sexual life. Take Penegra pill only once a day and for best results avoid fatty meal before taking the drug. This PDE5 inhibitor is all effective and work amazingly upon impotence.

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Penegra 100mg Dose Information

The dose of Penegra should be taken only after consultation from a doctor. Right dosing only can help in alleviating impotence problem without hindering health. Penegra comes in strengths of 50mg and 100mg. When initially start this regime, doctors usually start with 50mg Penegra. After sometime doctor can again alter the dose and may increase it up to 100mg. But without his proposal do not change the dose.

The pill of Penegra should be swallowed as a whole without crushing or breaking it. This medication is supposed to be taken only once in 24 hours. Next dose can only be taken after the completion of 24 hours. It helps in keeping away side effects. The dose is effective only under the influence of sexual charge. Thus, before consuming the pill makes sure you are fully on fire. Penegra can be taken with and without food. Only fatty meals should be averted.

Side Effects of Penegra Tablets

Having side effects is a medicinal property of drugs. Do not fear about them. Penegra although is a safe and secure ED medication but side effects are set in it also. But for the most part side effects occur with this medication are common and incapable of causing harm. They are headache, diarrhea, upset stomach, blur vision, color blindness, drowsiness, and light sensitivity and so on. The common side effects are a proof that your body is responding to the drug. As body becomes regularly used to the medication the occurrence of these common side effects stop altogether. These symptoms go away in sometime without any treatment. On the contrary, if they stay for long seek treatment.

Penegra has few adverse effects also connected with it. They rarely occur. Serious side effects of Penegra are strokes, chest pain, hearing problems, prolong straightening, heart problems, etc. Consult your doctor at once on their occurrence.

How to store Penegra tablets?

As far as storage instructions are concerned it is must to keep your drug in a best condition. Penegra should be stored in a dry, cool and clean place. The room in which drug is stored should having normal temperature of around 15 to 30 degree Celsius. Do not cross the temperature range as it will directly affect Penegra tabs. Never expose Penegra to heat, light and moisture. They react fiercely with the drug and causes severe health hazards. Even the drug should not be seen kept in kitchen and bathroom too, as temperature of these places are not well off for the medication. Penegra tabs should always be kept in an air tight container. The drug should be kept out of the reach of children and women. Consumption of the drug by them will lead to severe side effects. Lastly, discarded pills should not be stored at home. Dispose them properly.

Precautions to purchase penegra tablets

There are few precautions that should always be remembered prior using Penegra. Being indifferent to them can cause severe health problems. Hence, for the safety of health follow all precautions with complete honesty. Never take this medication without doctor's consent. Depending on health condition doctor prescribe the dose which is most correct and certainly deliver desired outcomes. Men having allergy with the components of Penegra should not use this drug. Do not drive or operate any machinery after taking Penegra pill because it causes dizziness. Thus, may lead to a fatal accident. Taking the drug with alcohol is also not allowable because alcohol adds up to dizziness and ultimately results in side effects. Avoid grapefruit and its juice too with the drug. Consumption of nitrates is the most horrible combination with Penegra. It makes health condition worse. Avoid taking them completely. Men should straight-off go for the treatment if any adverse effects arise after taking the drug.

Benefits of buy Penegra at Ishoppharmacy.com

Benefits gained after taking Penegra are in numbers. With treating erectile dysfunction, Penegra also has some health benefits too. Enjoying sexual life once again is one of the most important benefits of the drug. Healthy sexual life is a sign of healthy normal life too. So be ahead in it always. The medication makes flow of blood smooth, hence makes ED fight easy. Many men use Penegra all over and are much charmed with the drug. Today sexual life of men goes smoothly in worse condition also, just because of one solution i.e. Penegra. Even though this drug is very less in price but at the other end has high effectiveness. It works just like its branded counterpart Viagra. Sexual activity can be completely relished with Penegra. Drug effect remains in the body for four to five hours. Penegra provides quality erection and makes sexual intercourse much satisfying.