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Lovegra Online (Pink Kamagra)

Lovegra is a prescription pill for women suffering from sexual arousal problem. Women also suffer from sexual disorder like men. Lovegra is a pink color drug containing Sildenafil citrate in it. This drug makes coital life of women pleasurable again by helping them to overcome arousal problem during intimacy. It regulates blood flow to the women genital region, thus gives relief from dry spells in the vagina. Lovegra works within one hour and lasts for four to six hours. Lovegra is offered at cost effective rates. Buying it online would be more beneficial. This medication is much safe to consume and add passion in the levels of intimacy.

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Dosage information on Lovegra (Pink Kamagra) Tablets

Medications touch health. No way should they be taken without doctor guidance. Many things are responsible for prescribing the final dose. They are age, weight, health conditions etc. That's why women planning to take Lovegra should first see their doctor. With discussing your sexual disorder problem, also tell the doctor about your medical conditions and other medications intake. Lovegra dose is not same for all. But generally 100mg Lovegra is prescribed to women. One tablet of Lovegra is adequate for a day. Do not take the drug twice in one day. After taking the dose if do not find results appearing, go to your doctor again and continue with the changed dose. Dose should not be changed on own. Lovegra is a tablet drug and should be taken orally with water. Pill consumption should be done as a whole. Lovegra is needed to be taken only when require. Never take it in excess to avoid side effects.

Side Effects of Lovegra

Lovegra also has side effects like other drugs. Sifting drugs from side effects is impossible. But, side effects can be prevented by taking the drug properly and under medical guidance. Every patient should be well aware about their medications side effects. It helps in making out fast if ever side effects occur. Side effects of Lovegra are usually common. It has some mild side effects which mostly takes place when started the drug treatment recently. But not all women experience them. It differs from person to person. Common side effects of Lovegra are facial flushing, stomach upset, blur vision, light sensitivity, headache, dizziness, runny nose, nausea, etc. These unwanted effects take a hike in sometime on own. Do not worry about them. But, if experience rare side effects like chest pain, severe drowsiness, cardiovascular problem, prolonged sensitivity in Vaginal parts etc. immediately seek medical attention.

How to preserve Lovegra 100mg Tablets?

It is very important to store Lovegra at proper place and in good atmospheric conditions. Its negligence can cost you life of your drug. Storing Lovegra properly is very easy. Just keep it away from atmospheric conditions that are heated, moist or shiny (like sunlight). Storing Lovegra near them prompts it to lose its efficacy and also affects its appearance. This little step will give extreme safety to the drug. Do not store the drug in kitchen and bathroom too. Other than this, store Lovegra at room temperature always. 15 to 30 degree Celsius temperature suits the drug the most. Lovegra pack is good to be kept inside air tight box. No passage of air in the box will keep the drug perfectly safe. The box is necessarily to be kept in a place that is clean as well as dark and cool. Do not keep touching the drug often. Open the box only when need the pill. Lastly, expired tabs should be disposed sooner.

Precautions to buy lovegra online

During the treatment doctor also asks to take some precautions with Lovegra. Precautions are an integral part of all medications and should be followed with honesty. Doctors strictly suggest that taking of Lovegra should be done under medical guidance only. Never start taking the drug on own anytime. Health risks are highly involved with it. If suffering from heart conditions, high blood sugar levels, hypertension etc. strictly take Lovegra on doctor consultation only. Prescribed dose of Lovegra is effective enough and gives safety against side effects too. Women suffer allergies from any of the components of Lovegra are not allowed to take the drug. Women are also advised not to indulge in any mental work after taking Lovegra as the drug may cause dizziness. This drug should never be taken with nitrates as health complications are noted with it. Pregnant and breastfeeding women are strictly forbidden from taking this medication. Overuse of Lovegra should be avoided.

Benefits of purchasing lovegra at Ishoppharmacy.com

Lovegra is women's drug used to treat sexual dysfunction problem in them. There are many benefits of Lovegra. Increasing sensitivity to sexual stimulation is the first most important benefit of the drug. It enhances orgasm in women to such a great degree that sexual activity becomes much pleasurable experience for them. Lovegra is called female Viagra of women. It is a very effective drug. The drug works very smoothly in women and provides them with ultimate results. Its just one pill is sufficient for arriving at the climax during love making. Women gain back their sexual power with this medication. Lovegra process of treating sexual dysfunction is very simple and easy, and do not let women suffer from any pain. It simple improves blood flow to the vaginal region, thereby, help women to experience intensified sexual pleasure. Lovegra is a beneficial sexual dysfunction for women because of its inexpensiveness and easy availability on the internet too.