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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ'S)

Ishoppharmacy.com – ORDERS

What is the order placing procedure at Ishoppharmacy.com?

Choose the product you want to buy. Next step is getting registered with us. The final step is of making the necessary payment. This is the order placing procedure.

What happens after order placement?

After the approval of the order we send it to our pharmacy department for shipment. As the order has been shipped we notify you through e-mail about the same.

Are orders traceable?

Yes. Contact our customer support about the same. The will provide you the appropriate information.

How to cancel the order?

Make a contact with our customer support team for order cancellation. Do contact them within the 24 hours of placing the order. After that cancellation requests will not be accepted.

Ishoppharmacy.com - DRUGS QUALITY

How to believe in quality of drugs sold at Ishoppharmacy.com?

All medications sold at Ishoppharmacy.com are made strictly under medical norms. They all contain the exact basic ingredient their brand inherits. Therefore, drugs quality at Ishoppharmacy.com is very high.

What the term 'Generic Drugs' mean?

Generic drugs are generic version of their branded counterparts. They are exactly like their brand in all respects whether it is dosing, side effects, precautions, storage, strength etc. Active ingredient is also the same in the two. Only two things mark difference between them. It is- price and color. Generic drugs are much reasonable in comparison to their brands. Their policy is- 'generate greater value at low prices'.

Why prices are so less of Generic Drugs?

Manufacturers of generic drugs do not have to spend money on researching, marketing and advertising of the product. All these benefits are already done by branded counterparts of generic drugs. All this helped generic drugs producers to keep their prices very low.

Ishoppharmacy.com- PAYMENTS PROCEDURE

What Payment Methods Ishoppharmacy.com accepts?

Purchasing can be done using Visa Card and Wire Transfer methods.

Is personal information is safe at Ishoppharmacy.com?

Ishoppharmacy.com highly assures that personal information of customers is absolutely safe. We have also used high security methods for the same.

Does Ishoppharmacy.com charges any hidden costs?


Ishoppharmacy.com charges in which currency?