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Bimatoprost is a prescription medication for treating grave eye disease known as Glaucoma. If the disease is left unchecked it can cause blindness by damaging eyes optic nerves. Bimatoprost uproot glaucoma effectively and bring immense relief to eyes. This eye condition is also called open angle glaucoma. Except glaucoma, Bimatoprost also provide treatment for hypotrichosis. In Hypotrichosis, eyelashes fall to an abnormal degree. A drug Bimatoprost treats the problem, as a result long, thick and dark eyelashes grow. This medication should be consumed on medical recommendation only. Bimatoprost is a solution drug and can be easily used.

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Bimatoprost (Lumigan) Dosage Tips

Make a point that Bimatoprost should not be taken without prescription from a doctor. The drug can be best used only under medical guidance. For the best treatment taking the drug in the right dose is very important. Thus, before taking Bimatoprost always consult a doctor. The drug is recommended differently for Glaucoma and Hypotrichosis.

Physicians suggest taking of Bimatoprost only one time in a day for glaucoma treatment. The drug can be applied anytime according to suitability, but evening is the best time for using Bimatoprost. It is a regular drug and should be taken every day on time. Use Bimatoprost exactly as advocated. Do not take it in overdose as it can affect eyes severely. For treating Hypotrichosis, a drop of Bimatoprost should be taken on an applicator and applied on upper eyelash. This activity should be performed only once in the entire day.

Bimatoprost should be handled with clean hands. Never touch its tip with anything as it is contagious and affect eyes.

Side Effects of Bimatoprost Drops

Bimatoprost has few side effects embedded in its nature. But they come out very rarely. Side effects it shows are usually harmless. They occur when at the start person initiate taking the drug. Its harmless side effects depart without needing any treatment. Bimatoprost common side effects are mild uneasiness in eyes, little dizziness, watery or dry mouth, burning sensation in eyes, etc. But, if these side effects remain for long time see your doctor. Make sure they are not staying for long.

Bimatoprost has few worrisome side effects also. They occur when the treatment is not taken properly. Serious side effects of this drug are breathlessness, light sensitivity, vision problems like blur vision, discharge from eyes, redness in eyes, itching, pain, swelling, and so on. These serious side effects should be treated at once; else they can impair vision also. The only way to get rid of these side effects is to take the drug appropriately.

Storing Online Bimatoprost

Bimatoprost requires few proper storage conditions for living long. A room temperature is its foremost requirement. The temperature should not go above 30 degree Celsius. Keeping the drug in extreme temperatures is harmful for it. Secondly, Bimatoprost should be kept in an air tight container. A dry and cool place is also important for storing this medication. Do not keep the drug in kitchen and bathroom. Bimatoprost cannot survive in heated, light and moist surroundings. They spoil it. Bimatoprost should be strictly kept in a clean place. This medication should be kept away from the reach of children. Never use expired Bimatoprost on eyes. Eyes will be affected severely. Rather, dump the expired drug faster. For dumping properly take help of your doctor. Flushing and throwing are not right methods. Right storage is very important part of all medications. Even effectiveness of the drug much depends on how they are stored.

Precautions to use Bimatoprost Eye Drops

If taking Bimatoprost for treating eye diseases make sure all precautions are being followed absolutely. Precautions ensure that you are giving right treatment to your eyes and keep them safe and free from all dangers. Precautionary steps to be followed with Bimatoprost are written here. This drug should be taken only on advocation. Follow all dosing rules set up by a doctor strictly. If suffering from other eyes problems as well, mention about them to your doctor before taking Bimatoprost. Keep going for IOP's (Intraocular Pressure) checkups during the treatment to ensure that treatment is going fine. If have any plan of eye surgery inform about it to the doctor. Do not use Bimatoprost if wearing lenses. Take out the lenses and after10 minutes use the drug. Do not use two eye medications together. Keep a gap of five minutes between the two. Bimatoprost is not for pregnant and breastfeeding women.

Benefits to Buy Bimatoprost at Ishoppharmacy.com

Main distinguishing feature of Bimatoprost is its extremely effective nature. It treats eye diseases from the root and forever. Merely you have to be punctual with the drug dose and follow all the instructions as it should be. Bimatoprost saves eyes from being impaired. This medication is a very simple method of treating glaucoma and hypotrichosis, and causes no pain during the treatment. It is very easy to use. Bimatoprost is a prescription medication for eye diseases and physicians greatly speak of it. So far, this drug has shown wonderful results on large number of people. Reviews about the medication are awesome. So, it can be said all in all Bimatoprost is a tremendous drug and amazingly good to use. Anyone can use Bimatoprost, but should go through medical examination first.