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Silagra is considered the best medication for dealing with erectile issues. The drug solves impotence issues with the help of its powerful ingredient Sildenafil citrate. Though Silagra is offered at very low rates but quality wise it exactly matches its brand i.e. Viagra. Attaining physical intimacy with this medication is very easy. The drug becomes effective in few time but call for doctor recommendation certainly before taking. Silagra is a great potential drug and comes in tab form. Silagra provides sexual pleasure for long hours. Men love taking this drug that belongs to the class of PDE5 inhibitors.

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Dosage of Silagra 100mg Tablets

Silagra tablets should essentially be consumed only after consultation from the doctor. For treating impotence correctly taking of the right dose is very essential. Silagra is generally prescribed in 50mg form. But it is not the case always. The dose can even vary also depending on health conditions, severeness of the problem and so on. During the check-up do not hide anything from doctor. Tell him everything about you, right from your health conditions to medications intake etc. Be stick to the prescribed dose. Do not alter the dose anyway on own. For that also first take doctor suggestion. Silagra tablet should be consumed with water. For one day only one pill should be taken. Silagra should be given proper time to become effective. Thus, take it 45 minutes prior the sexual intimacy. Pill should be swallowed as taken out of the pack. Avoid overdosage as it is greatly harmful for the health.

Silagra 100mg side effects information

Silagra is a safe drug. It has many positive reports in its favor. But sometimes it is impossible to be safe from its side effects. Side effects are part of all medications. Usually the side effects Silagra shows are mild. These side effects usually occur. Common side effects of Silagra are headache, back pain, muscle pain, diarrhea, upset stomach, blur vision, etc. Do not be worried on the occurrence of these symptoms. They have proclivity of vanishing in some time. Men should only be serious if they last for long.

Few severe effects are also in association with the drug Silagra. They are just opposite to common side effects and are much dangerous to health. They are arising of cardiovascular problems, chest pain, strokes, stomach ulcer, high blood pressure etc. These side effects do not go away on own. They require immediate medical aid.

Storage instruction for Silagra 100mg storage

Silagra should be stored very nicely. Its storage instructions are easy to follow. Silagra tabs pack should be stored in room temperature. A normal temperature in between 15 to 30 degree Celsius is best. Do not try any other temperature with the drug as it will spoil it. Silagra pills should be stored in a container that is air tight. No passage of air in and out will keep the drug safe. The drug containing container should be kept in a secure place. The place should be clean, dry and cool. The drug should be out of the reach of children. Silagra has great allergy with heat, light and moisture. These put grave effect on drug's nature and spoil its outward appearance as well. Silagra should not be kept in kitchen and bathroom too. Do not take expired tabs. In fact, discard tabs as they become outdated.

Precautions to buy silagra online

Silagra should only be taken if its precautions are taken seriously. Precautions prevent side effects to happen. The basic precaution is to take Silagra on recommendation only. Many men who have taken Silagra without advocation are seen suffering from health problems. So, do not commit this mistake. If having an allergy with its basic component Sildenafil, avoid taking the drug. Men consuming nitrates are also suggested to stay away from this anti impotence drug. Alcoholics also have to limit control or stop it completely as treatment gets affected if taken drink with the drug. Silagra causes drowsiness. Hence, do not rise suddenly from bed after taking it and also avoid machine operations. Heavy meals are not permitted prior the medication. Though occurring of side effects is a rare thing with the drug but it happens at once visit your healthcare professional. Avoid habit of taking Silagra daily.

Benefits to purchase silagra 100mg

There are many benefits of using Silagra. Firstly, it helps in maintaining healthy and loving relationship between couples. On that account it is called efficient ED medication too. Treating erectile dysfunction is very easy task for this drug. It goes inside the body and treats ED in just 30 to 45 minutes. Erection gained by men is hard and strong and can last for long time. Most attention grabbing quality of Silagra is that in spite of being offered in low prices, this drug matches level of its brand in all ways. Silagra is a generic medication and was formed after its brand, Viagra. But, today it is equal to its branded counterpart and shows same efficiency. To reach for this drug is also not tough. Nowadays Silagra is easily available online. This medication has completely changed the perspective with which impotence was seen before. Today it is a normal health condition of men overcoming which is very easy just with one pill of Silagra.