People having short height frequently experience low confidence and inadequacy complex when they come in contact with their taller counterparts. There are innumerable products available in the market which assures you desire results. But in reality frequently they don’t work as planned. Generally the height of a person totally relies on genes, appropriate type of food and proper exercise regime to a great extent. The possibilities of increasing height in men up to 25 years whereas women can acquire their full height up to 18-19 years.

Usually height is influenced by a sort of hormone named the Human Growth Hormone (HGH). The pituitary gland plays a significant role in secreting it, which further enhances the body height. As a result, it is suggested to consume foods that assist the HGH function.


No doubt, the body height depends on genes, apart from that it is believed that growth depends on nutritious diet as well. Poor height can be an outcome of slow growth because of insufficient nutrition. Therefore, there is a critical need of opting a balanced diet for improving growth prospects, especially during teenage years to obtain a well-built body. Appropriate food and exercise is mandatory to obtain the finest height and body weight. Make sure that your body obtains various sorts of nutrients to form powerful muscles, tendons and ligaments. Your daily regimen must be filled with immense source of mineral, minerals and protein to acquire optimum height.

  • Minerals:-

Food items laden with essential mineral such as fluoride, magnesium, iodine, manganese, iron and phosphorous plays a significant role in promoting height and overall body growth. Calcium is very crucial mineral and prime requirement for the growth and maintenance of firm bones. Fizzy drinks, too much salt, sugar, coffee and fat should be limited as they act as calcium inhibitors and therefore negatively affect your growth. Illegal drugs and addition of smoking lead to inhibit your growth and is known to have other damaging effects your health.

  • Proteins:-

Proteins are thought to be building blocks of your body and thus assist to raise height by constructing various tissues. Amino acid in proteins are meant for growth hormones and are crucial for maintaining healthy bones, organs, teeth, skin, tissues and muscles. They also functions like an enzyme which further promote the biological respond of the body like digestion, excretion and respiration. Inadequacy of protein give rise to numerous health issues like abnormal growth, poor immune system, muscle loss and insufficient mental development. This is because; carbohydrates should be substituted with foods that are packed with protein like eggs, fish, legumes and milk. Hence, protein is said to be an important element obligatory to increase height.

  • Dairy foods:-

Along with milk, intake of dairy foods is must for causing an effect on height. Dairy foods like paneer, whipping cream, cheese, ice cream and yogurt contain an abundant source of vitamin D, B, A and E. They also loaded with protein and calcium. Calcium and Vitamin D are indispensable for growth. Shortage of vitamin D lead to low height gain. Acquiring sufficient calcium is also vital, especially during puberty.

  • Chicken:-

Chicken holds rich source of protein among animal foods. It offers immense source of protein to the body in order to build tissues and muscles.

  • Eggs:-

Eggs are excellent source of healthy proteins. Their white albumin is fully enriched with protein but you should prefer yoke in moderation since it hold fat. Eggs also hold vitamin B2, which is referred as riboflavin. For having effect on height, eat daily at least 3-6 eggs.

  • Oatmeal:-

Oatmeal is also a tremendous source of plant protein. It aid in enhancing muscle mass and diminishing fat. In order to increase height it is suggested to have 50 gm of oatmeal for daily breakfast.

  • Coral calcium:-

Coral calcium is received from sea corals. It assists in enhancing bone mass, thus stimulating the bones to develop in length. The intake of calcium at an early age should be more to obtain the optimum results. No doubt, height is an inherent factor but it can also be considerably determined by proper nutrition. Consuming healthy food along with enough physical activity leads to increasing your height.

  • Soybeans:-

Soybean hold rich source of protein among all the vegetarian foods. The pure protein found in soybean promotes bone and tissue mass. For noticing increased height, 50 gm of soybeans are suggested per day. Vegetarian can satisfy their protein necessities through intake of soybeans which are very nutritious.

  • Vegetables and fruits:-

Apart from increasing height, vegetables and fruits plays a significant role in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. They are vast source of folates, potassium, fiber and vitamins. Vitamin A assists in the growth of bones and tissues. Fruits like papaya, cantaloupes, grapefruit, watermelon, mango and apricots are high in vitamin A. Food items like peas, spinach, carrots, pumpkin, broccoli, sweet potato, and cabbages are an excellent source of Vitamin A. Berries, potatoes, citrus fruits and tomatoes also contain vitamin C in rich concentration which assist in healthy buildup of bones and lead to the height of a person.

  • Beef:-

In addition to chicken, beef is also highest source of protein. But it also holds fat which enhances the cholesterol level.

  • Starches and grains:-

Grains and sources are leading sources of energy in the body. In addition, they offer vitamin B, iron, fiber, selenium and magnesium. Since they offer the essential calories, their intake should be enhanced, particularly during puberty, when kids undergo a speedy growth stage. Foodstuff like popcorn, brown rice, whole-grain pasta and whole wheat are extremely useful for proper growth.