Types of Ulcer – An unbolt lesion

Ulcer is an origin of  unbolt aching on inner and outer surface area of skin mainly caused by split into skin or mucous (tissues) membrane (sheath)   that fall short to cure further. Ulcer appears only when the concerned tissues are damaged or splitted than the usual. Ulcer begins with tiny, painful aching in mouth gradually and then it attacks on intestines (small and large) with a large aching in the stomach. The holes that are shaped on the upper part of the inside layer (intestine) of the gastrointestinal tract is known as ulcer. The emergence of such holes in the stomach is called Gastric ulcer. Eventually these holes are produced at the initiate stage of small intestine in the stomach. These holes when produced in stomach (intestine) than they are cited as duodenum ulcer. Ulcer may perhaps be the end result of contagious bacteriumhelicobacter pylori (contagious germ)   infection in the stomach. Ulcer may take place due to many possible reasons like – scarcity of nutrients or cancer cells Enhancement in the body. Hence it is important to recognize the initiating roots of this disease at the right time for better remedy. Stomach ulcer is widely known as peptic ulcer. Ulcer in simple language, it’s a hitch in digestive system and a kind of wound that creates problems in digestive system of the body which becomes awful sometimes.

Sort of ulcer:

Mouth or Oral Ulcer

Mouth ulcer transpires when there is an internal injury or aching to the inner vein or mucous in the mouth. The aching/mucous induce intolerable pain sometimes during the day. The medication help is not required at all for this kind of ulcer as it by its own get cured instantly after its emergence. Mouth ulcer usually emerges accidentally or by physical injury.  Paradigm; biting tongue or skin accidentally, hurt while brushing, injury during the course of denture, mouth virus or rather undoes reaction of some strong drug dosage prescribed or even lack of Vitamin C in diet can be the ground following emergence of mouth ulcer. A sufferer may face intricacy in consumption of food, brushing, Starvation loss, and experience tenderness inside due to the excruciating (painful) aching. This ulcer doesn’t need any medication help to cure; the sufferer should just impose more attention on certain like intake of adequate Vitamin C and should take care of oral hygiene etc.

Gastric or Pepsin ulcer

The Pepsin (enzyme release by the chief cells in the stomach) and Acid (digestive fluid) composed by hydrochloric acid are responsible for emergence of pepsin ulcer in the stomach. Moreover the Indications and roots of emergence of pepsin ulcer are further distinct than the other ulcers. It is for the most part sourced due to bacteria like H. pylori (contagious bacterium). In most of the cases of pepsin ulcer antacids are used to neutralize the acids in the stomach as a remedial anti-agent. The sufferers are asked to follow oil free and exclude acid foods item form diet during the treatment period in order to avoid additional complication ahead.

Eye or Corneal ulcer

An eye ulcer is an unbolt aching on eye that may occurred reddish in color together with teary eyes. It emergence is noticeable due certain unusual things like virus or infection, over exposure to chemicals potent things ,Corneal drying, abuse of contact lenses or even physical strain. Its roots’ causing obvious reason is infection. The sufferer May experience insensitivity during exposure to light or even face vision problems. The main reason behind emergence of corneal ulcer is species Infection due to various bacteria and fungus like Staphylococcus aureus, Pseudomonas, Enterococci , Aspergillus , Mucor, Rhizopus and other fungi or it may be due to severe eye internal injury or  over use of expired contact lens or dryness of eyes. The sufferer may experience irritation near the eye area, reddening of the eyes, teary or watery eyes or white spots on corneal that makes vision suffer. Sometimes a sufferer may even lose his vision, it’s too risky.

Skin or (dermatology) ulcer

Skin ulcer chiefly emerges due to aching or disruption of series of tissues or membrane in the skin. Besides this the other grounds for emergence of skin ulcers are insufficient blood run (due to veins damaged condition) in the extreme functioning area like appendage, skin cancer and infection caused by respective microorganisms  This ulcer is responsible for loss of dead shield, dermis (portion) and often loss of hypodermic fats. The indications may be experiencing reddening of skin (mild), dead cells beneath the skin, destroying of tissue under the skin, deterioration of tissues and bones or even infection spreading through certain bones and tissues. Prevention of skin ulcer is possible but at an earlier stage, antibiotics agent are used as remedial conservation. The doctor prescribes some drugs for densification of poor blood regulation in the body of the sufferers. A sufferer if correspondingly suffering from High B.P or Sugar should pay more attention on controlling it because it may have its adverse effect on the remedies.

 Aforementioned where some of the major popularly known and found ulcer among the people, as some are the unknown common ulcer that are rarely found  are refractory ulcer, stress ulcer, bleeding ulcer and esophageal ulcer. The treatment of ulcer is perhaps possible at the initiating stage of emergence, as if time passes it becomes worse and there may a need arise to  operate such ulcer to cure. Some ulcer can be cured with drugs and some may need additional care further to cure, it depends on the type and condition of ulcer in person. Ulcer at an anon stage needs an immediate hand of treatment as it may be life threatening if not focus at the right time. Choose the doctor wisely for the treatment as it is a sensitive approach and it’s very important as well.