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One of the chief significant health advantages of consuming oxygenated water is that it facilitates reinforcing the immune system on the whole. Atmosphere rich in oxygen is generated by consuming this water which further encouraged the development of good bacteria; nevertheless endurance of the injurious bacteria gets to end by this water.

Water that is enhanced with oxygen is known as oxygen water. In comparison to other types of drinking water, this particular type of water consists of oxygen in a superfluous quantity. Preparation of oxygenated water is a multistage procedure, wherein the removal of impurities within the water is carried out by filtering it. Purified water is then mixed with the charged active oxygen to generate water that is enhanced with oxygen. Distinct to energy drinks that is loaded with numerous sugar and supplementary chemicals, oxygenated water is a wholesome blend of oxygen and water. It plays a beneficial role on overall health since it is loaded with huge proportions of dissolved oxygen.


1.    Naturally promote immune system:-

When you consume water that is oxygenated, your body basically gets filled with required proportion of oxygen. In addition to that it offers brilliant growing circumstances for the friendly bacteria that exist in digestive tract of the human body. One best advantage of presence of oxygen in the body is that disease causing pathogens completely gets destroyed.  The germs and the microbes that give rise to congregation of infectivity die, however the ‘good’ bacteria do well in an oxygen-rich atmosphere. Thus consumption of oxygenated body on a daily basis can facilitate fight and also avert infectivity by improving the overall body resistance capacity.


2.    Excellent for digestion:-

The process of breaking down of ingested food and enhancing the digestion in our intestines are completely done by the friendly bacteria. Since these bacteria flourish in oxygen-rich conditions, consuming water that is oxygenated may perhaps aid in improving the process of digestion.

3.    Supports aerobic respiration:-

The process, in which the cells originate energy from the swallowed foodstuffs, known as cellular respiration can be both aerobic and anaerobic. In the occurrence of oxygen, when cellular respiration exists, that particular phenomenon is known as aerobic respiration and when it arises during the lack of oxygen, it is known as anaerobic respiration. Aerobic respiration plays a vital role in gaining energy from the food molecules.

4.    Enhances energy levels:-

With maximum proportion of oxygen flowing in the bloodstream, you may perhaps sense maximum vigorous, attentive and less exhausted all through the day. The blood oxygen will be properly maintained cum balanced health wise with the help of consuming oxygenated water. This guarantees that your blood transfers an adequate amount of oxygen to the muscular tissues and brain, consequently enhancing endurance and happiness on the whole.

5.    Lowers risk of cancer:-

Cancer cells have the tendency to reproduce in an atmosphere where there is low- oxygen. On the other hand, by consuming oxygenated water on a regular basis, good proportion of oxygen is available at the cellular level, turning out to be extremely complex for cancer cells to endure. Hence our body may get protected from development of the malignancies due to oxygen-infused water.

6.    Cuts down lactic acidosis:-

In medical condition of lactic acidosis huge buildup of lactic acid is often noticed. It is nothing but by-products of anaerobic breathing in the blood and a quick decrease in oxygen level. This condition usually takes place when workouts are performed at a high concentration. While performing rigorous exercises, oxygen necessity of the muscle tissues enhances substantially than the blood can supply. Due to this reason the body shifted from aerobic to an anaerobic mode (shortage of oxygen) for energy formation. Nevertheless, high amount of lactic acid is frequently responsible for inducing muscle aches, extended recovery periods, and fatigue. In order to drastically lessen lactic acidosis and augment oxygen delivery, drinking oxygenated water during workouts is highly suggested. This oxygen rich water retards anaerobic breathing during workouts, which further aids encourage performance output.

 7.    Manages a healthy pH range:-

Hitting the accurate body pH balance is indispensable to stay healthy. Regular intake of wrong foods cuts down the body’s pH, generating an acidic atmosphere. Still, drinking oxygenated water promotes an oxygen-enriched alkaline atmosphere. This in turn assists to balance pH levels. This is because, besides consuming healthy foods, drinking this oxygen rich water supports pH compensates the acidic atmosphere generated by certain foods.

Oxygenated water plays a crucial role in cutting down toxic formation. This vital advantage assists in the long run because toxicity is the chief reason behind onset of most of degenerative diseases. On the whole effect on the body is augmenting all body functions, cutting down toxic formation and raising waste removal, thereby supporting good general health.

Sadly, an assortment of advantages of oxygenated water has not survived the examination of scientific inspection. These declarations are developed by bottled water industries, and in isolation, have not been sanctioned by the medicinal organization in general. In actual fact, specialists are of the estimation that a combination of profound breaths can convey additional oxygen as compared to that exist in a portion of oxygenated water and that it is impossible to take up oxygen by consuming it. On the other hand, if you experience that oxygenated water is recovering your health on the whole and you can forever have it to preserve stability of fluid in the body. Oxygenated water is safe for consumption, provided it is devoured prior to the expiration date mentioned on the bottle.


Hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism are highly diagnosed thyroid issues in women. A butterfly shaped gland consist in the middle part of neck is termed as thyroid gland. Its leading role is to produce two hormones; thyroxine (T4) and triiodothyronine (T3). Production of these hormones in enough quantity is imperative because both T3 and T4 play a crucial role in controlling numerous bodily functions. The best and most important advantage that they ascertain normal metabolic rate, which is critically needed to maintain health. When the thyroid gland functions improperly, some health issues arise and affect quality of life badly. While looking at thyroid issues, reports indicate that women are four times more vulnerable than men. Thyroid disorders in women are generally not troublesome but treatment in the sort of oral medication becomes indispensable when symptoms are worrisome.


Thyroid cancer:-

Cancer that hits the thyroid gland occurs unusually and hence is said to be the most infrequent cause of thyroid disorders. The root cause behind occurrence of this condition is yet unidentified. Those undergoing radiation therapy on the neck and head are at higher risk of acquiring cancer. Radiation therapy comprises bombarding light of exact wavelength on the target site, more particularly the external skin to deal skin problems like acne. But these remedies may damage the thyroid gland and lead in enhancing the possibilities of thyroid cancer.

Thyroid nodules:-

In this medical condition, a part of thyroid gland is engorged because of presence of nodules. These are said to be fluid filled lumps. In some cases, the solid lumps hold blood rather than fluid. The swelling may be because of one or numerous nodules. Whatever may be the instance, it gives rise to occurrence of thyroid dysfunction, ultimately contributing to hyperthyroidism. Sometimes, nodules are extremely vast so to breathe and ingesting food appropriately becomes very complicated. In fact, with nodules, the voice becomes husky and the patient suffers from cough regularly. Intake of foods laden with goitrogenic food on a daily basis is one of the major reasons behind nodule development and worsening thyroid function.

 Hypothyroidism symptoms:-

In case, the thyroid problem stimulates hypothyroidism, a condition that is noticeable by inadequate production of T3 and T4, the signs that may takes place includes constant tiredness, constipation, muscle pain, extreme fatigue due to lack of energy, emotional symptoms like depression, unusually elevated cholesterol levels, inflamed joints, weight gain, dry puffy skin highly noticeable on the face, roughness in voice, fragile fingernails, heavy periods and so on.

 Hyperthyroidism symptoms:-

Thyroid disorders that enhance the emission of thyroid hormones to unusually elevated level can stimulate symptoms such as mysterious weight loss, too much sweating, rapid heartbeat, regular bowel movement, fatigue, muscle weakness, light periods, difficulty getting peaceful sleep, intolerance to heat and so on.


Constant smoking can enhance the possibilities of obtaining thyroid issues. Consuming immunosuppressants is also believed to stimulate thyroid dysfunction. A severe neck injury, shortage of iodine in diet and excessive intake of soy foods are some of major risk factors of thyroid disorders. Graves’ disease and Hashimoto’s thyroiditis are some of conditions highly responsible for producing harmful effects on the thyroid gland. Apart from these, other causes responsible for onset of this condition are listed below.

Autoimmune disorders:-

Improper thyroid functioning is also associated to autoimmune disorder called as Graves disease and Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. In both these situations, the thyroid gland has to confront the burden of immune systems attack. Now, the thyroid gland is not powerful sufficient to avert the immune system onset. The thyroid gland seems swollen and it also loses its ability to function appropriately. Swollen thyroid may either stimulate hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism, relying on the quantity of damage induced by the immune system.


Improper use of medications to handle hyperthyroidism is most often responsible for inadequate production of hormones. Although, anti-thyroid medications plays a significant role in calming huge thyroid levels, but if taken excessively can permanently hinder the thyroid gland, which may result in hypothyroidism.


Surgical procedures including elimination of an integral part of the thyroid gland can also stimulate thyroid dysfunction in women that generally manifest in the form of motionless thyroid.



Unexplained weight gain takes place in women who go through from hypothyroidism. In hypothyroidism, decline in formation of thyroid hormones is noticed. This is because the body fails to control the metabolic rate. To be more particular, in hypothyroidism metabolism rate decelerates substantially. As you all might familiar, metabolism is a process in which food gets transformed into energy. As the pace of metabolic rate cuts down in hypothyroidism, energy production diminishes and the maximum food taken is stored as fat deposits. This extra gathered fat ultimately contributes to weight gain.


Any of the thyroid disorders discussed above can takes place after pregnancy. According to studies, approx 5 percent of women experiences thyroid issues after pregnancy. After giving birth to child, the new mother may exhibit the existence of swollen thyroid. The unusual inflammation interrupts with the normal functioning of the thyroid and ultimately induces excessive or too less production of thyroid gland.

The main purpose of the treatment is steadying thyroid levels. After identifying the type of thyroid disorder, doctors will recommend suitable medications to renovate thyroid levels. In order to cure hyperthyroidism, anti-thyroid medicines are suggested that aid to decelerate thyroid activity. On the other hand, women affected with hypothyroidism are suggested to consume thyroid tablets to increase thyroid function.  It is wise to consult the physician if you examine or notice any of the aforesaid symptoms so that you get the medical attention as early as possible. This can prevent you from future complications.


Brain hemorrhage is a sort of chronic stroke that kills or paralyzes a person for throughout life, if proper treatment is not provided. No doubt, it is severe but preventable as well. To prevent this severe medical condition having knowledge about its causes and symptoms is mandatory. In this disease damage cause to the artery lead to localized bleeding in the brain, and destructs the tissues and cells in the surrounding area. When the bust induced to the wall of the blood vessels contribute to blood spill, the blood goes in the area in which important tissues and cells of the brain are positioned and destroys them. It is a dangerous condition, in which the person requires instant treatment. If the person is not given proper treatment in time then the chances of additional complications like loss of brain function will increase and may also stimulate coma or death.


According to studies, any medical condition responsible for deteriorating blood vessel can make you susceptible to brain hemorrhage. The disease can be anything right from high blood pressure to brain tumor. Studies indicate that around 80% of people are known to have a history of hypertension. Other common condition which lead to deterioration of blood vessels consist of head trauma (people below 50 are highly vulnerable to it), aneurysm (which contribute to swelling of blood vessel hence making them prone to bursting), blood vessel irregularities (such as amyloid in older adults), bleeding disorder like anemia and hemophilia, development of some contents in the blood vessel which are held together with blood to the brain, brain functional deformity and so on.

In reality, you may at an increased risk of experiencing this condition, if you have lots of stress in your personal or professional life, fragile blood vessel because of some fundamental condition, and a mutation in cystatin C gene, persistently suffering from severe hypertension, frequently drink or smoke and if having a family history of brain hemorrhage.


Even though this medical condition takes place in a flash without any notice in most of cases, some signs are believed to be the warning bells for coming disaster. You should pay attention towards these hemorrhage symptoms to understand if you are prone to it. A sudden and extremely acute headache, vomiting, and nausea are considered to usual symptoms. If you notice that your body parts fails to react to your will that is if you feel paralyzed or sudden numbness in body parts (this may be a temporary condition), then you should see your doctor for further diagnosis. On onset of pinprick hemorrhages in the brain, the leakage of blood begins gradually and small amount of blood pours out of the vessel susceptible region of brain. In such instances, the chances of occurrence of a severe stroke do not remain. But, a patient gradually starts losing his consciousness.


There are number of tests that are utilized to diagnose a condition which is probable to contribute to a hemorrhage. A CT or MRI scan can assist significantly to determine where the hemorrhage has taken place. Sometimes lumbar puncture method is adopted wherein the surgical elimination of fluid from the subarachnoid space of the lumbar area of the spinal cord for analytical purpose is done. Another option is angiography wherein visualizing done by throwing in a radio-opaque contrast agent into the blood vessel, etc. These are some series of tests that plays a key role in identification of brain hemorrhage.

The treatment generally relies on the location and severeness of the condition. Interventional radiology, diagnostic radiology and microsurgical techniques are extensively utilized in order to heal hemorrhage. The physician is the right person to choose the best alternative relying on the type of hemorrhage. In most instances, the option of surgery is opted to eliminate the spilled blood, and is compiled by stitch to the artery to prevent the blood leakage. Treating it by surgery has its own advantages and disadvantages. With proper treatment the patient can definitely overcome this deadly situation. But, in some cases the patient may lose his life also. Sometime, the patient may even have to give up the functionality of the affected organ as an outcome of a hemorrhage stroke.

As brain hemorrhage give rise to development of chronic stroke in patient, recovery of the patients holds numerous possibilities. Some patient continues their normal life after treatment (which can be in form of either long-term or short term treatment relying on therapy utilized), while some finish losing the functionality of the organ due to onset of stroke. It is not easy to predict how much time will require to get rid of brain hemorrhage completely as it is bound to differ from person to person.

Though it is most fatal disease but the best part is it can be prevented too by recognizing the risk factors without delaying. Chronic hypertension is said to be biggest enemy of hemorrhage. Treatment of high blood pressure can aid you significantly to lower the risk of going through from brain hemorrhage. You can get over head trauma by following important precaution like wearing helmet while riding a bike.


Since most of brain hemorrhages are linked with specific risk factors, you can reduce your risk by following below listed tips:-

Treat hypertension first and you can obtain control over this with help of diet, exercise and medication.
Stop smoking
Stay away from drugs, cocaine especially because it enhances the risk of bleeding in the brain.
Drive carefully and do not forget to wear seat belt.
Always make use of a helmet while riding a motorcycle.
If you are going through from abnormalities, like aneurysms, surgery may assist you to prevent further bleeding.
Take extra care while taking Coumadin medication, also known as warfarin. Daily check your blood level and see whether it is in correct range or not.


Retinol is illustrious component of vitamin A and it is crucial to bump up its uptake in a uniform manner to encourage health. Supple intake of vitamin A guarantees potent intensiveness of retinol in the body. Actually, retinol is an ingredient of vitamin A that derived mostly from animal linked products. It exists in animal in the form of alcohol and diterpenoids. And Vitamin A obtained from animal source is absorbed as retinol further in the body. It summits of two soluble namely water and fat. Additionally, body convinces the retinol plus retinol acids mostly acquired from colonial of pro-vitamin A. As retinol summit more in animal and interlinked products. The enormous amount of retinol found in food or animal products aids to strengthen bones, potent vision, and also articulate skin. Retinols are more noteworthy concerning skin. The properties innate in retinols aids in refreshing, flawing acne and vanishing anti aging lines from the skin. Each one of us is fond of having supple , glowing ,clear -skin, especially, women’s  who have crossed 30 and are in the phase somewhere they are experiencing a enormous threat to their skin. Retinol help with it in order to lighten up the skin and its natural virtues aids to flaw spots, acne, lines, and wrinkles from the skin.  Perhaps, overindulgence in uptake of food highly immense in retinols will serve as an anti indemnity   agent for your considerably.

Foods that are immensely laden with retinols, which includes: —

Dietetical reservoirs food

Foods that act as a reservoir of dietiecal foods can further sub divided into two; viz., food deduced from plant and animal. Victuals like fruits, green veggies, vegetables that consists retinols are counted as key origins of plant food. Whereas, victuals that consists of fish, meat, and other poultry linked food items are stated to be chief resource of animal grounded food.

Plant reservoirs food

A food that lades ample amount of plant reservoir comprises of victuals obtained from plant which are categorized as fruits and vegetables further are an excellent key source of retinol (vitamin A). Preserving fruit and veggies might aids to vanish the rudiments of retinol (Vitamin A) present in there. Plant foods that grounds for retinol in it encompasses food mentioned below.

Fruits– Numerous fruits that are gladdened with retinol integrates apple, apricot, mango, orange, papaya, peach, watermelon, kiwi, black berries, paprika etc. Thus, increase in consumption of such highly potent fruits might aids in making skin blush, stand out and appear natural.

Veggies– Vegetables are also proven to be a best vast pool of retinol food that act as an anti agent concerning skin. Veggies that accounts for retinol are broccoli, peas, Collards, tomatoes, carrot, spinach, pumpkins, dandelion plus mustard green, turnip, sweet potatoes, red pepper, dried basil, kale, cantaloupe dried marjoram etc. This vitamin is located as beta carotene in plants in the formed alpha and beta carotene. Many times such vitamin and carotenes are absorbed or rather enhanced in retinol form to serve the body. Certain cereals and grains also belong to this category like oatmeal’s, whole greens so on.

Animal foods reservoir

Retinol located in such animal based food is transferred in retinal and retinoic acids that act as an anti agent to furnish skin with certain interlinked virtues of it. Such profound food is excluded from the diet regime because of their certain untrue qualities that might be harmful to health regarding weight gain, cholesterol, blood pressure issue.

Whole milk– Whole milk is a genuine witness of Vitamins A plus D resource, which it contains in large amount. However, lot fitness cognizant opts for skim milk over it because a subsequent amount of fats is been situated in it and as they are conscious about their weight but, on the other hand people who are concerned with the only nutrients opt for whole milk in order to meet their daily requisites homogeneously.

Fish- Various types of fish including tuna, crab, white fish, salmon, coco, crustaceans, blue, trout, cod and mackerel etc are extreme reservoirs of vitamin A (retinol) plus they are also rich in omega 3 fatty acid and proteins.

Meat- A potent intense amount of Vitamin A is located in Meat and poultry food that are auxiliary- rich in other nutrients like proteins, zinc, Vitamin B, D, E, and iron etc. The amount of vitamin A located in it may show a discrepancy.

Cod liver oil- Cod liver oil is strong based container of vitamin A.  Early essential nutrient like mineral and omega-3 fatty acid is located in it also has their individual potent effect (good) on the body. Vast number of people pops capsules that are output of this vitamin used product and oil as a supplement in their daily diet. A small single spoon of cod liver oil aids to satisfy the need that is demanded by the body at a regular base period.

Turkey liver– Turkey liver is also among the finest source of Vitamin A that our body needs, in a single day. A small quantity of turkey liver will serve to satisfy the whole day need of vitamin A in our body.  It can be used for various purposes like, gravy, stiff fried liver and also for stuffing. It is indeed very tasty and delicious that one can have this at one time in a day and in addition it is a significant supply of Retinol – (Vitamin A).

However, depleting both plant and animal based food might indeed serve you potent and sufficient amount of retinol to meet or satisfy the consistence desire involving retinol. Consequently, it’s also immensely important to conserve fruits veggies and meats while stacking away in order to sustain their innate food appraises. Feeding food that is obtained from plant or animal resource will further assists in to sustain the quality of the health in the good way ahead. Have fresh meat, fruit or veggies instead of having frozen or sealed one that are instantly available in super markets, malls or at street side shops. Because frozen foodstuff may have lost their nutrients completely. Subsequent to this our body needs certain other important nutrients to disburse this vitamin -similar to minerals, zinc and iron.


There is no more need to depend upon complex medication to get over health issues. Natural food items present in kitchen is an excellent alternative for those costly OTC medications. There are number of healing foods found in kitchen shelves, hence just change your dietary approach and enjoy healthy health.


Banana is believed to be an excellent option to get rid of stress. A medium sized banana holds around 14gm of sugar (offering 105 calories of energy) and 30 percent of vitamin B6. Due to this consequently blood sugar level increases and development of calming serotonin hormone also increases. This is because overcoming stress and all kinds of crisis becomes easy.

If you are going through high blood pressure, make raisin as an integral part of your daily regimen. Since it is made from grape, it holds immense source of polyphenol antioxidants, hence assist to keep our cardiac system healthy by keeping blood pressure level in check. Moreover, few amounts of raisins offer around 1gm of dietary fibers and 212 mg of potassium. These two nutrients efficiently treat hypertension.

The list of healing foods is just incomplete without including this versatile item. The leading advantage provided by fresh lemons is the detoxification of body. Just begin your day with drinking a glass of warm lemon water to eliminate all those toxic materials present in internal system. Including lemon juice to diet also assist in avoiding numerous diseases by increasing digestion and mineral assimilation.

Most of people become vulnerable to disease of kidney stone these days and apricot assists to combat it effectively. Studies indicate that 4 dried apricots offers 325 mg potassium and 3 mg sodium. They also offer around 2gm of dietary fibers. All these nutrients play a key role in preventing the formation of mineral compounds in urine buildup of stones inside kidneys.

Yogurt is another potent healing food that you should prefer on a daily basis. Yogurt is known to have a vast amount of ‘gut-friendly bacteria’ or ‘probiotics’, which causes the movement of food effortless, assisting the method of digestion work healthier. Therefore, the chances of onset of numerous gastrointestinal diseases can keep at bay. The list of those includes urinary tract infection, irritable bowel syndrome, abdominal gas, diarrhea, constipation and few types of cancers. Thus, it is considered to be one of the best foods that boost healing.

Ginger is an authentic remedy in order to defeat vomiting and nausea induced because of pregnancy, simple motion sickness or operative surgery. You can either utilize it as an herbal spice for cooking purpose or prefer the ginger tea made by boiling some crushed ginger root in water. It even assists to improve the digestive system and cures an upset stomach.

Orange juice:-
In today’s fast paced world, fatigue has become a severe concern. The abundant source of vitamin C element of orange juice combats the oxidative stress and speedup iron metabolism, making the activities of energy producing oxygen molecules effortless and rapid all over bloodstream.

Garlic accelerates the curing method of yeast infection of all types. It has been observed that the indispensable oil found in garlic limits the development and further production of the fungus called Candida Albicans. It is major reason behind vaginal infection accompanied by severe pain, acute itching and unusual discharge.

There are varieties of mushrooms like ‘shiitake’, which aid in healing stomach cancer as well as colon cancer to some degree. They are laden with lentinan, an antitumor polysaccharide element, which improves immunity and thus offers protection against cancer.

Pure raw organic honey is said to be one of the best alternative for OTC cough medication. As it is much more efficient in healing cold and cough than any medicine get in drugstores. It has great source of antimicrobial property which can calm and heal throat infections and inflammations. The natural form of honey is also believed to be the potent solutions to processed as well as refined sugar. In simple words, including honey in your daily diet will surely assist you to stay away from a number of fateful diseases.

This green leafy veggie offers sufficient iodine to prevent numerous diseases like hypothyroidism, goiter and cretinism. Kelp is enriched with iodine, calcium, potassium, magnesium and numerous other minerals.

Apple cider vinegar:-
Here is another powerful food item that helps digestion considerably. Apple cider vinegar is widely utilized in cooking and making salads. It is one of healthy digestive solution for crushing complex food stuff in gastrointestinal tract and enhancing the ability of body to soak up nutrition.

According to research, canned white tuna holds an excellent source of omega-3s, which assist to treat the sort of blues that makes you feel low or nervous. The fatty acids in fish beat depression effectively.

Studies have disclosed that eugenol, a potent element in basil, can keep your bowel safe from nausea, diarrhea, cramping and pain by combating bacteria like listeria and salmonella. Eugenol is known to have an antispasmodic property which assists you to stay away from cramps. Try best to utilize crushed fresh basil in sauces or salads.

One medium pear holds around 5gm of dietary fiber, maximum present in the form of pectin, which assist to eliminate LDL (bad) cholesterol, a severe threat in heart disease.

Sulforaphane, a strong element in cabbage assists to conquer the development of gastric tumors.

An excellent source of tryptophan is present in turkey, which is powerful amino acid that assists the body to develop melatonin and serotonin hormones that promote sleep. Studies have revealed that people who go through insomnia are lacking in tryptophan.