Most of people are suggested to consume various veggies on a daily basis in order to stay fit. Since veggies are full of elements that assist in averting numerous diseases and disorders. Handful of people is aware about the health benefits linked with eating root vegetables. Root vegetable is a generic name utilized to describe veggies that nurture below ground (roots of plants). Modified plant stems and bulbs also comes under category of root vegetables. Keep in mind, root vegetables are equally nutritious as like other vegetables.
Before having a look over advantages of consuming root vegetables, first of all confirm which vegetables are comes under set of root vegetables. Turnip, potato, radish, turmeric, carrot, sweet potato, garlic, ginger, onion, arrowroot, yam, beet, fennel bulb and shallot are some of highly preferred root vegetables. The root of a plant is said to be its storage part which is utilized to store energy. As a result, root vegetables are filled with carbohydrates of numerous types such as starches, sugar, etc.

• All root vegetables hold immense sources of carbohydrates. Most of these veggies are packed with complex carbohydrates which are crucial for acquiring energy. You must know that digestion process of complex carbs goes on gradually, hence due to this body gets long lasting supply of energy.
• Most of root vegetables hold very low amount of calories. Hence, they must be added to the diet of people who desire to lose weight. Food items like sweet potatoes, yams and potatoes are loaded with calories.
• Together with carbohydrates, most of root vegetables are filled with minerals and vitamins, which are responsible for making them wholesome.
• Root vegetable like beet, carrots are appears beautiful to the eye and are yummy as well. Root vegetables can also be utilized to make number of dishes. For instance, variety of dishes like potato salad, jacket potato, potato casserole, potato pancakes and potato soup prepared from potato. Hence, incorporating these veggies in your daily regimen is quite easy.


• Several studies said that a potent element present in carrots lowers risk of cancer. A substance called falcarinol plays a key role in combating fungal diseases.
• Sweet potatoes contain antioxidant in rich concentration and are useful for improving the heart health. They are also full with great source of energy like yams and potatoes.
• Radish is powerhouse of vitamin C and carries vast source of anti-cancer properties. Besides that, radish is best for the liver and plays a dominant role in purification of blood.
• An excellent source of flavonoids is found in onions, which offers antibacterial advantages. This root vegetable helps considerably to enhance bone density, particularly for elderly women. In addition, it also holds anti-inflammatory properties which reduces risk of chances of developing mouth cancer as well as esophageal.
• The use of fennel is extensively done in toothpastes, mouth fresheners and antacids. Fennel is an essential oil provides vast nutritional advantages. Fennel is widely used to treat the blood disorder called anemia. This becomes possible because it is enriched with iron. Apart from anemia, fennel also treats condition like constipation, indigestion, respiratory disorder and other health ailments.
• Garlic is also referred as the stinking rose and is popular for its various health benefits. This potent foodstuff prevents cancer as well as cardiac diseases. Plus, it also has metabolism promoting qualities. Garlic also hold huge source of sulfur elements that assists to protect against oxidative stress, which often contributes to less than pleasurable inflammation.
• Beet is red and golden in color and fully loaded with phytonutrients like betalains, which offers great support for detoxification process. Don’t forget to add beets in your daily diet to flush the system. According to research, betanin in beet facilitate to lessen the cells growth.
• Yams are packed with potassium as well as vitamin B6. Wild yam extracts hold diosgenin chemical that functions same like progesterone. This vital chemical offers one effective option to hormone replacement for menopausal women.
• Ginger is critically needed for reducing pain and inflammation. Plus, also assist to get rid of morning sickness, aids in treatment of cold and flu and helps in reducing high cholesterol.
• Turmeric is highly utilized to treat wounds, stomach problems, normal skin issues, cough, flu, cold, asthma and so on. Besides that, it holds anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties in rich concentration.
• Turnip is considered to be extremely best for health, as it is packed with vitamin C, beta carotene and huge source of fiber.
• Shallots play a significant role in keeping healthy heart and aids in preventing risk of developing liver cancer.
• Androcydes content of radishes helps substantially to prevent intoxication. Radishes are fully loaded with vitamin C, hence assist in cutting down cholesterol, healing urinary tract disorder and enhancing the supply of fresh oxygen in the bloodstream.
• Carrots are said to extremely best for the eyes and should be eaten on a daily basis. Carrots are full of beta carotene which is proven useful in offering vital nutrient to the retina of the eye. An excellent source of beta-carotene in carrots aids in combating the free radicals that induces harm to the body.
• Presence of rich source of antioxidant in turnip assists with the assimilation of iron and also helps the body in producing collagen for bones and cartilage.

As there is various health benefits linked with root vegetables, hence you should eat them on a regular basis. Include root veggies like yams, potatoes and sweet potato in reasonable amount to keep weight in control. For obtaining healthy and disease free life nothing is best than incorporating root vegetables.